6 Tips on Caring For Your Wooden Furniture


All homeowners should take great pride in their belongings. After all it’s all these items that truly give your property character. This definitely includes your wood furniture, whether it’s designer wood furniture or something you bought at a thrift shop. Unlike a lot of other pieces of furniture, ones made from wood need special care. Check out some tips on caring for wood furniture below:

1. Use Warm Water and Mild Soap 


The best materials to use to clean the finish on your wood furniture are warm water and a dish soap that is mild. That’s because water won’t negatively affect your furniture at all. However, you want to be careful not to completely soak it, as that could cause damage.


For any area that is hard to reach, try using an old toothbrush to get that dirt...

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6 Tips to Help You Clean Your Home in Record Speed

Any homeowner can tell you that cleaning the house is not a fun chore. It’s exhausting so any way to get this task done quicker is always welcomed. Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow when cleaning your home which will help you get done faster than you ever thought possible:

1. Place All Your Cleaning Products in One Tote

To save time, put everything you need to clean your home in one cleaning tote. This can be a caddy, bucket or whatever else works best for you. By taking this step, you won’t waste any time gathering up all the essentials you need to start or continue your housework. All you’ll have to do is bring the container from one room to the next. If you have a particularly large home, you can always create two or more of these totes.


Cleaning Products


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5 Tips for Getting Teak Furniture to Last a Lifetime


People love teak furniture because it can go indoors or outdoors, and when it goes outdoors, it makes the perfect weather-resistant patio teak furniture. Teak wood is a naturally very oily, dense wood that holds up to the elements much better than most other types of wood, which is why it’s so highly sought after as a material for outdoor furniture. As teak sits out in the sun, it turns an attractive gray colour, and many people even pay more money for teak that has been pre-aged. Of course, if the furniture is going to stay inside, it won’t turn gray, and oiling teak about twice a year can prevent it from changing colour. There are a few drawbacks to oiling this wood, however, and it will usually end up turning gray anyway.

1. Buy Teak From Sustainable Sources

One of the reasons teak is...

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7 Top Tips That Will Make Cleaning Your Home Less of a Chore

Everyone wants to have a clean home. The actual act of cleaning can take more time than you have in a day. It can also strain your body and leave you feeling tired. There are ways to simplify things. Seven tips will make cleaning your home much less of a chore.

Vinegar and baking soda can make cleaning toilet job less stressful

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda in the Bathroom

No one looks forward to cleaning the bathroom. Vinegar and baking soda can make the job less stressful. Mix a paste of baking soda and white vinegar. Place it on stains in your toilet, sink and tub. Let it sit for several minutes and then wipe it away. This will remove many tough stains without requiring you to scrub the area for hours at a time...

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5 Ways To Feng Shui The Interior Of Your Home To A Better Life

So, where does Feng Shui fit into interior design? Well, it’s much like yin and yang. Balance in your life depends upon harmonious aspects within your home as well as outside. Here are five ways that Feng Shui can influence your life by utilizing interior design concepts within your home.

Getting Your Interior Groove On With Feng Shui Magic

Love & Marriage


Love and wedded bliss are a great combination if you can keep things in balance. Place these essentials and tones in the far-right-corner of your room or home:

Warm crisp hues in pink, taupe, red, burgundy, apricot, peach, or chocolate

Place objects in pairs or coupled together

Souvenirs and photographs from memorable romantic events such as dreamy vacations, honeymoons, and anniversaries

Photos of your love interest, partn...

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